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Do to life events

Mary can no longer do the text versions of the Keeney Update. So I'm looking for volunteers to help take over this task.

All of  Keeney UpDates published by Roscoe C. Keeney, Jr. that I have are on the site as PDF's. Some of them are a bit hard to read but they are  what I have. These were posted with his permission before his passing. I have had a volunteer to help do text versions of the updates in addition to the PDF copies, (Thank You Mary), so now there are the original PDF's, a new text versions and a PDF of each issue that Mary has sent in so far.

To date 37 issues of the
Keeney Update

have been redone into an easier to read and copy word format thanks to Mary Winner who has taken on the task of redoing the Keeney UpDates into a more readable rendition while trying to keep close to Roscoe's original format the first issue she sent in is the June 1985 issue and is available in two formats a word format and a PDF these can be accessed from the Keeney Update pages located here. There are now 20 issues that have been typed up into the word format. She plans on completing an issue each week. The latest of which are:

v 11 n 3 September 1994


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